We’re called “User Insight” because all of our solutions are grounded in true user feedback, which allows us to help our Clients make products that their customers WANT to use.

Our Services

With User Insight’s user experience consulting services, you don’t have to worry about the details – we use a team approach and provide the right resources to solve your toughest problems.

Here’s a list of our offerings and custom service packages:

Applied Insights

Are you looking for a way to optimize your design budget and make it truly user centered with iterative feedback? Our expert staff can provide design, research, expert reviews and more for a fraction…learn more

Expert Review

Leverage our team’s knowledge and experience to thoroughly digest and inform your product or service and return with actionable solutions. We start with usability heuristics and leverage modern best practices to provide insights…learn more

Usability and User Experience Testing

The goals and objectives of your project determine our approach to gathering feedback from people in order to ensure your product is a success – in-homes, offices, factories, in-lab at our facility, or even remote interviews…learn more

Brainstorming & Ideation

We create a customized moderator-led ideation session to help ensure an organized yet open environment to think creatively on new concepts, services and ideas. We help to identify and resolve your unmet needs to create…learn more

Concept Realization Center

We bring together the best and brightest industry-leading experts in the areas of user research, product/market strategy, design and technology. These partnerships help ideate, collaborate, and iterate on…learn more

Persona Development and Refinement

Through contextual interviews, we will hone in on your customer’s key behaviors, attributes, characteristics, motivations, drivers and preferences. This allows us to create customer groups, or “personas” that explain…learn more

Customer Journey Mapping

We follow users down their natural paths to gain knowledge of how they encounter, interact with and venture from your services. We visualize this process so you can identify moments when users succeed and key areas to…learn more

UX Design and Prototyping

We take an iterative approach to design and take advantage of the unique opportunity we have to talk to real consumers and professionals every day. This provides the added benefits of true user-centered design without…learn more

User Insight, On-site

Why go through the trouble of finding your own temporary contractor when you could hire experienced User Insight professionals for both your short and long term needs. Our experts will integrate with your team and provide consulting in…learn more

Agile/Lean UX

Our staff understands the challenges of agile development. We work with both lean and agile clients and have developed unique offerings that will fit within your development cycle and your budget. We work within your sprint cycles to conduct value adding…learn more

Mobile Testing

We have the technology to share screens from many of today’s top mobile devices and simultaneously see user reactions with picture-in-picture. Our unique camera system allows for high definition close ups and zooming in and out from the client…learn more

Ui Facilities and Expert Recruiting

User Insight has broken the paradigm of traditional market research with our advanced facility. Gone are the days of one-way glass and fixed-camera recording. Our state-of-the-art facility offers multiple high-definition cameras and large flat-screens for…learn more

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Our Leadership

Our team is determined to strategize and deliver premium results that empower your business. Meet some of our leaders now.
  • Testimonial

    Kevin O’Connor

    President & CEO

    About Kevin O’Connor

    Kevin O’Connor is the President of User Insight, a user experience research and design consultancy.   With a focus on creating new and innovative services, Kevin helped grow User Insight to a firm that today provides user experience research, strategy and design to 300 clients spanning 18 different industries in the U.S. and abroad.

    Drawing upon his 20 years of experience, Kevin regularly consults with Fortune 500 & Global 2000 organizations, government institutions and non profits on methods to gather and analyze feedback from end users to create intuitive products and targeted campaigns.  He has worked with brands such as InterContinental Hotels Group, The Coca-Cola Company, Verizon Wireless and McAfee to inform product development and campaign strategies for web, mobile, tablet, kiosk, knowledge management and social media for both B2B and B2C initiatives.  Additionally, he has been doing business with the CDC since 2005 and has worked on over 60 projects in the digital space for government agencies.  Deepening his industry involvement, he has served multiple positions on the Board for CHIA, Computer-Human Interaction of Atlanta, including eight years as the President, Vice President and Membership Chair and his company was chosen as an Inc. 5000 winner in 2008 & 2009.

    Kevin was previously the owner of OneSource Consulting, Inc., a technology recruiting and resource strategy firm, after starting his career as a commercial banker with SunTrust Bank. He holds a BA in Finance and an MBA with concentrations in e-Business Strategy and Computer Information Systems from Georgia State University.

  • Testimonial

    Rachel Walsh

    VP, User Experience Research & Design

    About Rachel Walsh

    As the Vice President of User Experience Research & Design, Rachel’s passion is building strong teams and understanding human behavior within a fast paced, evolving environment.  She inspires creative people to do their best work and empowers business and design teams with the confidence and knowledge that they know their users better than anyone. In her 9 years at User Insight, Rachel has built a culture and atmosphere that attracts top UX talent. She leads hiring and strategic planning decisions at User Insight.

  • Testimonial

    Michele Hughes


    About Michele Hughes

    Michele manages several of the company’s vital functions, all of which help the business maximize return on financial assets. She manages all financial and HR staff and is responsible for the implementation and monitoring of internal controls. She oversees accounts payable and receivable, manages vendor relationships and performs job cost and profitability analyses. Michele also leads User Insight’s front-of-house staff, making certain that experiences with our facility exude the quality expected of User Insight.

  • Testimonial

    Jesse Newton

    UX Researcher/Architect

    About Jesse Newton

    Jesse Newton capitalizes her industrial design background as a strategist at User Insight. Jesse’s natural ability in design enables her to successfully consult with clients’ needs, which in return enhances the overall customer experience.

  • Testimonial

    Shaw Strothers

    UX Researcher/Architect

    About Shaw Strothers

    Shaw Strothers is a graduate of Georgia Institute of Technology and serves as both User Experience Architect and Project Manager at User Insight. Shaw takes his background in industrial design and applies it to prototyping and design for our clients. He also manages projects from start to finish to create better experiences for our clients and their users.

  • Testimonial

    Chris Boggs

    Project Manager

    About Chris Boggs

    With over 10 years experience in research and evidence-based consulting, Chris Boggs assumes a primary role in project management from start to finish, ensuring a quality customer experience throughout. His fluency with Qualitative and Quantitative Research, User Experience, and Social Media makes him a capable, client-focused resource on any size and scope project.

Our Culture

Here at User Insight, we focus on people – clients, users and employees. We foster an environment of collaboration and we work together as a team to deliver insights and empower our clients to build winning products, services and experiences for their customers.

Our core values are:

Passion, Attention to Detail, Consistency, Innovation and Empowerment.

User requirements and assumptions should be prototyped and shared with users early and often so that usability becomes a process of continuous improvements rather than a summative event at the end of the development cycle.

Our Clients

We have more than 10 years of experience providing top notch User Experience Research and Design services to top quality companies throughout the World. Our User Experience Researchers and Strategists have experience spanning 14 different industries. We provide both B2C and B2B user experience research on various platforms and products.





































Get in touch with us

Feel free to give us a call or pop in for a cuppa, we are happy to talk you through any projects or discuss how we can help you better understand your users and improve your products and services to meet their needs.

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Office Hours

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Interested in joining our team? Our team members come from a variety of backgrounds including Human-Computer Interaction, Industrial Design, Psychology, Communications, and Marketing. Think you have what it takes?

Please contact us and send all resumes to careers@userinsight.com and include a short message of why you would make a great addition to our team.