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The Need for Direction

When users are provided with clear direction during an experience, I often find it to be the underlying attribute that leaves them with a positive outcome. It can be visual, verbal or even physical at times, but when the user knows what to do or what...
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Who Believes in Magic?

I believe in Magic. Or at least I believe what they are trying to pull off. For those of you who have not yet heard of Magic, it is an SMS text based service for… well, almost anything. Foregoing the traditional route of app or web based services (Airbnb,...
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Familiarity Breeds Intuition

Perhaps you’ve heard the expression “Familiarity breeds contempt.” While research with relationships between people might bear this out, I would suggest when it comes to interactions with devices, familiarity breeds intuition. If you’ve talked...
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The Wearable Banana

I am Emily Keen, a new UX Strategist at User Insight. I am an Atlanta native and completed my Master’s degree in Industrial Design at Georgia Tech (Go Jackets!). My graduate research has been focused on user centered design and wearable technology....
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Talk to anyone about everything

Talking to people is what I do, everyday. Over the course of my career, I’ve interviewed thousands of people about every subject imaginable. Taking peoples’ stories and amplifying their voice to make experiences better is something I’m passionate...
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