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Conversation or Interrogation: The Importance of Making a Connection

  It seems that the only connection people are concerned with today is the strength of their Wi-Fi signal. Life and business can move dizzyingly fast and all too often the price of that speed is the relationships we develop with people. Whether long...
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Why User Experience Is Not Usability

What is “user experience” anyway? Often times, people confuse user experience for usability (and vice versa). Others recognize it as a buzz word, but don’t really know its meaning. If you’re one of the many who confuse it with usability (or do...
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Testing Physical Products in a Digital Age: Sometimes you have to get creative

User experience research encompasses all aspects of design and human interactions, yet it seems that the bulk of work being done these days is digital. So what do you do when you aren’t testing a webpage or an app? What happens when you need to actually...
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More Than Just a Gesture

Whether they are performed to let you know something without saying anything or to conceal something one wants unknown, a person’s body language and visual cues can speak volumes to a researcher who is looking for the truth. At User Insight we watch...
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Ratings and Reviews: Necessary Evil or Untapped Opportunity

Imagine, after hours of online shopping, you finally stumble upon the perfect pair of shoes to compliment that new summer outfit.  They are the right size, color, and they are even in stock.  What luck! But there is a problem, just before you add them...
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