With User Insight’s user experience consulting services, you don’t have to worry about the details – we use a team approach and provide the right resources to solve your toughest problems.

Applied Insights

Are you looking to grow your user experience & design capabilities by growing your team or outsourcing some of the load? We can help you optimize your design budget and make it truly user centered with iterative feedback. Our expert staff can provide design, research, expert reviews and more in an iterative approach or in an Agile environment, allowing you to leverage our resources no matter how small or large your experience organization is.
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Usability and User Experience Testing

The goals and objectives of your project determine our approach to gathering feedback from people in order to ensure your product is a success – in-homes, offices, factories, in-lab at our facility, or even remote interviews. From there we will consult your team on our findings and recommendations moving forward.

  • Contextual Interviews
  • In-lab One-On-One Interviews
  • Remote Online Testing (Moderated & Unmoderated)
  • Focus Groups

Mobile Testing

We have the technology to share screens from many of today’s top mobile devices and simultaneously see user reactions with picture-in-picture. Our unique camera system allows for high definition close ups and zooming in and out from the client viewing area giving the most natural in lab setup for participants with the best viewing angles for you and your team.

UX Design and Prototyping

We take an iterative approach to design and take advantage of the unique opportunity we have to talk to real consumers and professionals every day. This provides the added benefits of true user-centered design without the added cost. Our design staff is directly involved in formalized research with real users. This research influences your ultimate design ensuring that your customer is always at the forefront of your efforts.

Expert Review

Leverage our team’s knowledge and experience to thoroughly digest and inform your product or service and return with actionable solutions. We start with usability heuristics and leverage modern best practices to provide insights into the interactions we find successful in similar contexts and from other research we have conducted.

Ui Facilities and Expert Recruiting

User Insight has broken the paradigm of traditional market research with our advanced facility. Gone are the days of one-way glass and fixed-camera recording. Our state-of-the-art facility offers multiple high-definition cameras and large flat-screens for easy viewing. Our rooms are setup with comfortable individual seating and our staff provides gourmet catering throughout the day providing the highest comfort for your team. We focus on the details so you don’t have to. We have the best service and setup in Atlanta for usability testing and mobile device testing.

We provide an onsite full-time recruiting team including a 20,000+ person database, as well as a partner network of resources for projects conducted outside of the southeastern U.S. and internationally.

Design Sprints

We believe in getting your ideas in front of Users as quickly as possible. In just five days, our team will guide you through a customized process of deciding what to test, brainstorming solutions, sketching ideas, building prototypes, and testing with actual Users.

Concept Realization Center

We bring together the best and brightest industry-leading experts in the areas of user research, product/market strategy, design and technology. These partnerships help ideate, collaborate, and iterate on product and concept ideas. Your team can come to our Concept Realization Center and collaborate with these experts allowing your company to define and develop new products and concepts in a highly efficient manner.

A key difference the Concept Realization Center provides is that the process is grounded in an unmatched knowledge of users.

Persona Development and Refinement

Through contextual interviews, we will hone in on your customer’s key behaviors, attributes, characteristics, motivations, drivers and preferences. This allows us to create customer groups, or “personas” that explain who exists in your market, how they will behave with your offerings, and why. We help you prioritize your features based on how well they meet the needs of these personas. Our lensing exercises help your team to truly understand how to apply this research to your solutions and can guide your products for years to come.

Customer Journey Mapping

We follow users down their natural paths to gain knowledge of how they encounter, interact with and venture from your services. We visualize this process so you can identify moments when users succeed and key areas to invest in moving forward.

User Insight, On-site

Why go through the trouble of finding your own temporary contractor when you could hire experienced User Insight professionals for both your short and long term needs. Our experts will integrate with your team and provide consulting in the comfort of your own office. Unlike any other professional services in this industry, ours comes with user research.

On-site Services include:

  • Business Analytics
  • Content Strategy
  • Expert Review
  • Moderation
  • Project Management
  • Research
  • UX Design & Prototyping
  • Visual Design
  • and more…

Agile/Lean UX

Our staff understands the challenges of agile development. We work with both lean and agile clients and have developed unique offerings that will fit within your development cycle and your budget. We work within your sprint cycles to conduct value adding research and analysis just-in-time without added waste and without disrupting your rhythm.

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